Monday, 16 September 2013

What Do We Understand By Floristy

As a part of our rich heritage culture flowers have been so engrossed with us that it almost impossible for one to distinguish mankind and flowers altogether.

Ancient culture, starting with Egyptians, was the earlier one to give response to this wonderful soul of nature. It all started from sowing, collecting and display flowers in their day to day life. Sooner other cultures like Romans, Greek, Chinese, Byzantine and European also started admiring flowers in their culture.

We can still see the marks of history on the walls of temple in Egypt depicting soldiers collecting flowers and also at some point of time following rituals burning some kind of leave to eliminate evil spirits as per their beliefs. It shows that flowers did have such a strong impact in human life.

One can be amazed to know that in 17 century tulips became costlier than gold in Amsterdam. It’s another fact that today douches are world top growers and exporter of tulips.

Flowers so beautiful and lovely also have much more interesting facts that I am sure you would love to know about it.

  • Bulbs of tulips can be used in place or onions for recipe.
  • Saffron world most expensive spice comes from a flower, named crocus.
  • Blueball flowers juice was once used to prepare glue.
  • Gas plant produces a certain type of gas on a humid, warm night. It is ignitable just with a lit match.
  • Well I am sure many of you would have heard of it, but let me take this opportunity to remind you once again that how daring it must be to stare the sun all the day. Got the point. If still not then ask someone.
     Hint: wakes up in east to sleeps in west.

  • Recently in 2012 scientist found so far oldest flower known by us, age of it will definitely surprise you which is 125 million years.
  • Expensive flower ever were as earlier described was Semper Augustus tulip, which was sold for as much as a fine home along the best cannel in Amsterdam during 17th century.
  • Did You Know? Some orchids can grow over 65 feet in length.
  • The Titan Arum is not only the world's largest flower it is also the world's smelliest. 
          This native of the central Sumatran rainforests is known affectionately as the Corpse Flower for its heady perfume of rotting flesh. It is 3 meters high.